Air freight is the process of transporting purposes and goods by using specialized aircraft for these purposes, and this process is carried out in cooperation with airlines, and these planes differ from the planes used to transport passengers, as they are huge planes and are relatively different in shape compared to passenger planes, it is also faster and safer to transport goods around the world. Through our strong relationships with most companies around the world, we provide the best tailor-made solutions for each case at reasonable prices.

We at Port East Company provide air freight services in the best possible way, which is characterized by speed, accuracy and attention to all details. We are here to ensure that it reaches you through our network of aircraft located throughout.
Trust that we are your window from Turkey to the world.

Air Shipping features and services

Air freight is characterized by high speed, so you can use it in cases of emergency transportation, or to transport perishable goods, or medical materials, so you can transport items to the most remote places in the world within one day.
  • Protecting goods from risks and thefts to which they are exposed.
  • The transportation takes place directly to the destination to which it is sent, without the need for numerous permits or facilities as in other means of shipping, and it only needs to provide the ground in the area to which it is sent.
  • Air freight is characterized by high confidence and complete safety in terms of the safety of the shipped items and their protection from looting and theft.
  • It is characterized by the flexibility of its legal procedures, as well as the ease of customs clearance procedures.
  • The costs of insurance for airborne shipments are relatively low compared to the expenses of marine insurance.

Booking conditions for air freight

  • The shipping cost is calculated by comparing the volumetric weight and the actual weight of the shipment
  • The highest number is taken and calculated
  • Send the name of the desired airport
  • Completely determine the type of goods completely
  • The cost does not include taxes (customs + import) in the receiving country