The final price depends on the weight and size of your shipment. You can estimate the shipping cost through the shipping calculator. All international carriers determine the exact cost of the shipment when completing the shipping request.

The price of sending shipments paid to Port East does not include customs duties. Customs fees differ from one country to another, and to get an estimate of customs fees, you can use the customs fees calculator. If you want to know more about customs duties in your country, please contact the customs administration in your country.

It is a multi-purpose international method for naming goods, developed by the World Customs Organization and called the unified system. It is used to find out the percentage of the fee applied to any commodity, and it is the only way to determine the chapter, item, and the percentage of the customs fee for a specific commodity. It consists of a table that includes customs items, sub-items, their numeric symbols, notes of sections, chapters, and general rules. It is a universal language that is used as the basis for definitions of more than 176 countries or customs unions, and there are 104 countries that are signatories to its international convention.

If your desires revolve around the possibility of fast shipping and arrival in the shortest possible period, then your ideal choice would be air freight, as we have daily and regular flights to all airports and cities in the world. But if your shipments are goods, materials, quantities, and large sizes, and you have ample time, then your best option is sea freight, which relies on container transport in the transportation of goods, which is characterized by its ability to accommodate goods and heavy equipment of large sizes, which is something that planes do not provide, and this is in addition to the fact that ships reach distant countries. Therefore, Port East is specialized in sea freight to and from most ports using international shipping line ships, whether were full loads (FCL) or segments (LCL), where we provide containers of different sizes and types that suit the size, type and nature of goods and delivery to all cities and ports of the world, In addition to our distinguished services for marine freight of cars. But if shipping and transportation is between several neighbouring countries, such as the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Middle East, for example, then your best choice is land freight to transport goods, materials and cars, as we provide a large fleet of various trucks, which helps in shipping operations with ease wherever your destination is. Port East also provides refrigerated freight services to transport foodstuffs on a daily basis with flexibility. We also have a fleet of car carriers of various sizes to transport your private cars.

Customs clearance is the link between the merchant and the customs department, whereby the clearance company as an intermediary submits all documents related to the merchant’s shipment to the customs center to proceed with the clearance procedures for the goods according to the applicable customs laws. Port East Logistics Services provides customs clearance services in cooperation with other clearance companies.

The global standard container capacity is measured in Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEU), which is the standard container that has a length of 20 feet, or in other words, it is a measure of the volume of goods shipped using containers that is equal to the global cargo freight unit on board ships and standard carriers, they are: 20 feet long, 7.8 wide, 7.9 high, approximately 32 cubic meters in volume

The physical movement from one point to another, such as moving goods from a warehouse to a customer, and the shipping process follows the manufacturing and packaging of goods and will be controlled by the shipping or logistics company. When you start your business, you may want to cut costs by shipping your products yourself. But as your business grows, you won’t be able to handle shipping your goods yourself! In this case, you will use a specialized and distinguished shipping company.
Shipping can be in several forms depending on the distance travelled and speed of delivery necessary, the most cost-effective type is ground shipping, although it is the slowest type of shipping and discounted standard shipping may take up to 10 days or more if shipping times are during holidays As for express shipments, air freight is used, but this type is the most expensive, and in the case of international shipments, shipments can be sent via sea freight, and the cost is often very effective and takes a period of 6 weeks or more in some cases.