Water bodies cover more than 70% of the globe, hence the importance of sea freight.
Water bodies cover more than 70% of the globe, hence the importance of sea freight. Sea freight is a major pillar in the business of shipping and logistics services, and it has evolved over time and has become dominant over other methods because it is suitable for various shipments, companies and professions in most countries and ports of the world.
Sea freight is the most important means of transport in the world, specifically in Turkey, due to its excellent geographical location, on which international shipping in the world is based. Sea freight is carried out by ships of different sizes, so that transport between distant countries is carried out by sea freight, and transport is usually in containers.

Advantages of sea freight services

  • Port East Logistics provides containers of different sizes and types to suit the size, type and nature of the shipments, ensuring that the shipments are not exposed to any harm during the shipping process and are arranged inside the containers in an orderly manner.
  • The possibility of using the company’s warehouses in Istanbul by customers in order to facilitate the collection of shipments.
  • Our long experience in managing sea freight operations in Turkey for outgoing shipments to Arab countries and Europe.
  • Port East Logistics completes the required procedures and permits when shipping by sea and exporting goods such as furniture, foodstuffs, clothing, ceramics, and all required goods.
  • Port East Logistics provides packaging services with great professionalism and experience, using high quality packaging materials to ensure the safe arrival of your shipments using distinctive wooden crates.
  • Port East Logistics provides customs clearance services for all types of goods, as well as cars coming from abroad to Istanbul.
  • ort East Logistics services cover sea freight from Istanbul and all of Turkey to most cities and ports in the Arab Gulf countries, Iraq and the Middle East, European Union countries, Russia and Central Asian countries, the United States of America, South American countries, Canada, and Australia.