Port East is the leading shipping company in Turkey. The company works to provide the best and fastest shipping and customs clearance services, whether in the field of air, sea or land freight. It also imports and exports all goods to and from Turkey. The company has persevered in providing the best services.
We have a large and integrated group of trucks ready to meet all your needs and deliver your goods. Our fleet of trucks includes trucks of all sizes and are ready to transport goods in the most efficient way. We also combine simple land freight services to achieve the perfect balance between speed of goods delivery, capacity, delivery time, and the best prices.

Among its types are the following

  • Heavy transport trucks: refers to heavy transport trucks (Trilla), and there are several types, including:
  • The refrigerated truck is closed and transports foodstuffs and juices
  • Flatbed trucks with a length of approximately 12 meters
  • Trucks with gaskets to protect goods
  • Trucks with box only
  • Car carriers, which load saloon cars and transport them from place to place, and carry about 8 to 10 cars.

Land Shipping
features and services

  • Quick response to shipping requirements.
  • Land freight is highly flexible.
  • It is characterized by its spread and ease of reliance on it in completing the work.
  • Door-to-door transportation services.
  • Customized capacities as needed.
  • Transportation within the same day.
  • Customs clearance.